clist option value

I’m trying to use type “clist” instead of “combo” for some of my drop down combo boxes…

With “combo”, the selected option “value” was used (not the user friendly option text) as the selected item.

However, with “clist”, it appears to be ignoring the option “value” and always encoding the text.

In the following example, i am returning the following for the drop down list:

<cell type='clist' editable='false' xmlcontent='1'><![CDATA[High School,Associate Degree,Bachelor Degree]]><option value="dropout"><![CDATA[High School Drop-out]]></option><option value="ged"><![CDATA[G.E.D.]]></option><option value="hs"><![CDATA[High School]]></option><option value="associate"><![CDATA[Associate Degree]]></option><option value="bachelor"><![CDATA[Bachelor Degree]]></option><option value="master"><![CDATA[Master's Degree]]></option><option value="phd"><![CDATA[phD]]></option></cell>

The clist control works properly, but if the user selects a couple of items, it is encoded as follows (for example):

“High School,Associate Degree”

I was expecting it to use the “ids” so it should be

If I use a type of “combo” instead, and user selects “High School”, it is encoded properly as: “hs”.

How can I get the ‘clist’ type to behave like ‘combo’ in this regard?