clist value and names


we are using clists and setting them up in xml.

we are using the following notation:

<cfset xmlElement.XmlChildren[sc1] = XmlElemNew(topXMLDoc, “option”)>

<cfset xmlElement.XmlChildren[sc1].XmlAttributes[“value”] = itemValue[sc1]>

<cfset xmlElement.XmlChildren[sc1].XmlText = itemText[sc1]>

all is working fine except the following:

for example if we set the following:

value text


1 One

2 Two

3 Three

this displays fine when we drop down the clist

however when we try to set the display value it doesnt work if we get it to display the value ‘1’ it actually displays ‘1’ instead of ‘One’

basically we need it to work the same as a coro, we need to be using the values in the background and just using the text as the value that the user sees

this also applies when we get the value from the cell, it actually passes back One instead of 1

can you tell us how we can get it to use the values we have set instead of the text - just like it does in the coro columns


The functionality of clist editor not purposed to such usecase, clist can be initialized from XML, in the same way, as co|coro, but it operates only with labels. The value attribute of option tags ignored.
In other words - clist operates with labels only, it not possible to use values to set clist state.