Close button tabbar not showing


I have tabbar object, if i add many tabs (more than 30 tabs), the close button of tab (at the last position) not showing.

How to fix it ?


What dhx version do you use?

I am using dhx 4.0.3 version

Please, attach demo to test it. … pport.html
It was fixed.

Darya Thank You For Your replay.

I tried to modify samples in folder ‘dhtmlxSuite_v403_std/samples/dhtmlxTabbar/02_manipulation/03_adding_deleting.html’

TO :

	<title>Adding / deleting tabs</title>
	<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../../skins/web/dhtmlx.css"/>
	<script src="../../../codebase/dhtmlx.js"></script>
		var myTabbar;
		function doOnLoad() {
			myTabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("my_tabbar");
			myTabbar.addTab("a1", "Tab 0-0", null, null, true);
		var tabId = 1; tabIdd = 1;
		function add(pos) {
			var i = new Date().getTime();
			myTabbar.addTab(i, "MY-TAB "+tabId++, null, pos);
			myTabbar.tabs(i).attachHTMLString("MY-TAB "+tabIdd++);

<body onload="doOnLoad();">
	<div id="my_tabbar" style="width:495px; height:190px;"></div>
	<input type="button" value="Add new tab at last position" onclick="add(-1);">

I am using dhx_web skin. Please try this,

Best Regrads,


Hi Darya,

It worked perfectly if using ‘skyblue’ or ‘terrace’ skin

Hi Darya,

One more problem, when adding tabs till, in Chrome (37.0.2062.124) 43th and FF (32.0.3) 42th tab, the tabs missing but not for its contents.



please add the following css

.dhxtabbar_base_dhx_web div.dhxtabbar_tabs div.dhxtabbar_tabs_base div.dhxtabbar_tabs_cont_left, .dhxtabbar_base_dhx_web div.dhxtabbar_tabs div.dhxtabbar_tabs_base div.dhxtabbar_tabs_cont_right { width: 20000px; }

if your n-th tab will broken, just increase width. for other skin change ‘web’ to ‘skyblue’ or ‘terrace’ in css names.

I not sure it’s a good idea to show 50 tabs at the same time:

  1. page will overload,
  2. user can have problems with navigating (imagine how easy to find one tab among other 50-100?)

Hi Andrei,

Thank you for your suggestion :smiley: , but still problem of the close button of tab :neutral_face: .


then please send us demo or link to


This is a simple sample, file attached. (775 KB)


sorry seems I misunderstood you. please add right after tabbar init:
myTabbar.conf.tabsOfs = 0;

comment in my prev post (which is gray) is still actual :slight_smile:

Thank You Andrei,

It’s Working, I appreciate it And I will always Remember Your ‘comment (which is gray)’ :slight_smile: .

Best Regrads,