Close window on escape or mouse click

The dhtmlxwindow should has a config option {closeOnEscape: true|false} and {closeOnOutsideClick: true|false}

maybe both options should be extended in case the window is modal or not.

Basically, when the user clicks the ESC key or clicks outside the window it should close in case it is configured this way.

Two blockable events like onBeforeEscClose and onBeforeClickClose will make sense in case the operation should be blocked depending on some logic.

Unfortunately we’re not planning to include such functionality in the dhtmlxWindows, as there is a dhtxmlPopup for such cases:

Most other libraries support such functionality. Almost every client who uses our application thinks there is a bug because when he press ESC key the popup window doesnt close.

Dhtmlx team is extremely talanted but i have a reason to believe that u have never coded a real software app. There is a big difference between coding an API and coding a software app.

I spend from my time to give you a feedback and always receive the same canned response “We are not planning to include such functionality”.

Think about it!

I have added an issue in the github repository. I think the suite has the potential to receive support from the GPL community and then incorporate these contributions into the commercial version. If Dinamenta has made the suite available for users who do not have problems sharing their source code, (like me for example) it seems fair, even exciting that we can also donate our time and energy by growing the library. I think this could benefit everyone.

In your case you should try to use the dhtmlxPopUp. It suits your needs much better.

While the dhtmlxWindows component close to behavior of the window from desktop OS, so the window does not closes on ESC or blur.
The dhtmlxPopup component works exactly as you need, it closes on ESC or on the click outside of component
So while we already have the necessary functionality as part of dhtmlxPopup, it will not give any benefits to duplicate such functionality on dhtmlxWindow

Thanks for you suggestions anyway.

dhtmlxpopup is not draggable, doesn’t have a close, minimize, maximize button. Also, dhtmlxpopup seems to have an arrow that anchors to the place where it was clicked. For example, if I want a container 300x200 px that pops up on a toolbar button click how will I be able to position the dhtmlxpopup in the center of the screen without the arrow anchor?

How will I be able to make dhtmlxpopup modal?

With all my respect to you for all the help, I got from you on dhtmlx gantt and other questions I have posted but each next reply you make on suggestion posts seems more and more ridiculous.