closing lightbox onMouseMove

I have a onMouseMove event handler to open a customized read-only Lightbox form when the mouse hovers over an existing Scheduler event.
I would like to close the Lightbox on detecting a mouse movement without needing to click a button.

How do I implement it ?

thanks in advance,

If you are using custom lightbox - you need to use your own code to monitor mouse actions.
Scheduler do not have a built in solution for the above use-case


Ended up using the scheduler.templates.tooltip feature.

Can the background color of the tooltip window be customized ?

You can redefine it through css

.dhtmlXTooltip.tooltip{ background:#ffe; }

Thank you.
Where can I read the css documentation for customizing elements in the scheduler ?

There is no separate css documentation, you can use firebug or chrome dev tools - just point at any element in scheduler and they will show related css class.