CMS with Virtual Currency

I would like to make a system that is a CMS with Virtual Currency.


  • Register users and provide login form.

  • Allow authors to publish articles in a form which can add classes for sections of the articles.
    Example: Recipes may be tagged with:
    “Title” “Author” “Date” “Ingredients” “Instructions” “Allergens” “Time to Prepare” “Time to Cook” “Appetizer Entree Dessert or Drink” etc. Each of these can be entered in a separate text field (each with mini CSS styler) or selectbox. If you enter them this way, later they can be searchable by tag, so you can make a good search, for example, to find egg-free recipe that you cook in under 20 minutes, searching with no brocolli allowed (boolean search).

  • Point system to reward contributing authors. Non-contributors may pay a monthly subscription fee instead. (Link it for a Paypal thingy.)

  • Advanced search to search the articles.

Low priority:

  • Comments and ratings for each article.
  • Allow Facebook login and share buttons and tweet or whatnot.

Edit users and permissions.
Edit articles and pages, delete stuff, etc etc.

I realize I could do all this with your existing tools, if I had more knowledge, but I’m a designer not a programmer, and I can’t find a programmer to do it.