CNTR does not reset after column sorting in IE

I am using CNTR for the first column and have included dhtmlxgrid_excell_cntr.js.

All is well except that the CNTR column does not renumber itself in IE after a column is sorted.

Further, the up/down arrows do not appear. The sorting itself still functions but the up/down arrows do not appear and the CNTR column does not reset.

IE displays this error:

Message: ‘this.rowsAr[…].cells[…]’ is null or not an object
Line: 13
Char: 154
Code: 0
URI: …/excells/dhtmlxgrid_excell_cntr.js

I have tried to these but neither worked:

return true;
return true;

This issue seems limited to IE6, IE7 and IE8. The other browsers are not affected: FF, Chrome, Opera.

The issue wasn’t reproduced with teh latest grid version. Please, take a look at the sample … _cntr.html

If issue still persists, please provide the sample that reproduces it.

I traced the issue to smart rendering being on.  Disabling it resolved the IE issue.

Is smart rendering available only in the professional version?

This bug was confirmed and fixed. Fixed file will be send you by e-mail

I’ve the same problem (purchased the Enterprise version on 12th March) how do i also get this update?

sorry … buyed the version on 12th May not March…

Please contact and provide your ref. ID