code for connecting database with one table and loading data

can someone please give sample code of how to connect to database and loan 4 column to data grid? (sorry for this kind of easy question :slight_smile: i’m not coder)

How do you get the data?
What programming language do you use?
You can program in JavaScript?

i know a little bit PHP, but understand the syntacsis of most language (As they all have something common ) .

Try to use dhtmlxConnectors … ndex.shtml

can someone explain the syntacsis of this code?



$grid = new GridConnector($res);


in this code ,what kind of information about the database we need in this code and where to place them?
i just need to connect database :slight_smile: other things i’ll try to do with documentation,here can’t find how to connect to database.

here i’ve changed database username and database name ,what next should i change?

thanks, i’ve configured.