Codeigniter render_sql (SELECT WHERE *)


If using php connector

$connector->render_sql("SELECT id,name FROM mytable WHERE name = 'Andi' ", "id", "id,name");

I want to know how to using SELECT WHERE if using codeigniter ?

$connector = new GridConnector($this->db, "PHPCI"); $connector->configure("mytable", "id", "id,name"); $connector->render();


a) you can use

$connector = new GridConnector($this->db, “PHPCI”);
$connector->render_sql("SELECT id,name FROM mytable WHERE name = ‘Andi’ ", “id”, “id,name”);

b) you can use model class … odelobject

where you can define your own filtering logic in the “get” method

Oh…sorry, I don’t know if we can use “render_sql” in codeigniter.

Thanks you very much Stanislav…