I was just about to purchase the spreadsheet but the I realized you have to have PHP. I need this to work with ColdFusion, is there a way?

Unfortunately SpreadSheet has only php backend.

No problem, that’s what I figured. I know the DHTMLxGrids can be editable but is there a way to make columns that are editable ALWAYS appear as input fields, not just when you click on the cell? Take a look at the image I uploaded. Basically the blurred cells and the calculated cell will be simple readonly (ro) cells. But for manual input cells I would like to see input fields ALL the time. Then I’d do a ajax update when they move out of the cell (blur) or hit enter. The number of rows is fixed. I could write my own plain table to do this but I like the look and feel of the grids. Doable?

Nope, only one cell can be active in one moment of time, but you can use excell_keymap extension. With it, you can select any cell and start typing, it will switch to edit state automatically ( similar to spreadsheet )