coll_options in json

Can i use “coll_options” in json?
In xml:

<data> ........... events ........... <coll_options for='type'><item value='1' label='Simple'></item> <item value='2' label='Complex'></item> <item value='3' label='Unknown'></item> </coll_options> </data>
How i can use it in json?

if you want to provide options with the JSON data, you should output it as an object instead of the plain array.[code]{
collections :{
collectionName : [
{value : ‘value1’, label : ‘label1’},

data : [
{id:…, start_date:…, end_date:…},

‘data’ holds an array of the data events.
Options goes to ‘collections’ property as ‘collectionName’:[array of options]

Btw, is there a reason why you render data manually, instead of using dhtmlxConnector?

Thank you, it works!
But not properly, how I think.
I dont use dhtmlxConnector, because db has raw data.

So, when I used JSON data as an object, the “load” function works with incorrect url. I pass some args through url, that is why i found that strange behaviour.
I solved it by setting “_load_url” before “init”.

Thanks again and sorry for my bad english :frowning: