Collapse additional info onClick task


Would like to know if it is possible to add collapse on task row whenever the item is clicked.

Here’s a snippet to show a single item (Event 1). Is it possible that onClick of the Event 1 below the task name on the left grid to perform a collapse like this.

If it is possible, would like to see a snippet of it.

Thank you.

Hello Joseph,
There is no built-in feature to do that, but you can implement it by using Gantt API and Javascript. Although, it will not always work as you expect.
It is not possible to increase the row height for one task only because it is used in the inner calculations. You can increase the height temporary, it will reset after each rendering.
Here is an example of how it might be implemented:

Hey ramil,

Thanks for that, seem to be able to meet my needs.

Thanks for the help.