Collapse/expand a cell by a click wherever on the header

Currently, if I want collapse/expand a cell, i have to click on the button expand/collapse on this header, like an accordion?

Can I expand/collapse a cell on the whole header? There is an option to config this?

There is no option here. What component, Accordion?

It’s for layout, I like to reproduce the same behaviour like an accordion, where i can click on a whole header to collapse/expand a cell and not only click on the button


you can try the following code:

var cell = myLayout.cells("a"); if (typeof(window.addEventListener) == "function") { cell.cell.childNodes[cell.conf.idx.hdr].addEventListener("click", function(){ /* do stuff here */ }, false); } else { cell...attachEvent("onclick", function(){...}); }

do not forget to removeEventListener/detachEvent before cell unload