Collapsedver not disp correctly

pls. see the [url]Collapsedver not disp correctly - Suite 5.0 - DHTMLX for description.

the attached is the complete demo. (254 KB)

Do you mean you need this?
( is called after attachTabbar() )

pls. see the attached.

And what behavior do you expect from it?

We expect like below:

It happens, because you hide a header.
Try to do the next:

flayout.attachEvent("onCollapse", function(itemId){ if(itemId == "a") flayout.cells("a").showHeader() }); flayout.attachEvent("onExpand", function(itemId){ if(itemId == "a") flayout.cells("a").hideHeader() });

I modify the code as you suggested.
But the problem still exists.
It seems that the header is hidden automatically if a tabbar is attached to the cell, even if I showHeader() explicitly.

I tried cell(“b”) to which I attached a grid, and it can work properly.

In that case replace an “index” file with attached - i’ve modified your code a little.
index_new.rar (1.14 KB)

Thank you for ur kindly replies, Darya! The problem is solved perfectly based on ur instructions.
The attached is the complete codes for other friends’ (254 KB)