Collapsing a group does not collapse the associated subgrid

Let me first explain the scenario.

I have a grid that displays list of Events; below are the columns of the grid:-

Event Id, Event Name, , #Participants, Event Date, Time From, Time To, Location.

The events grid is Grouped By - Event Id column(which is hidden).

The Third Column (with the Header), is where we have a subgrid, showing the participants enrolled for that event.

Initially all the groups and subgrids are in collapsed mode.

Everything works fine except when I try to collapse an expanded group it would not close the “participants” subgrid. Is there a way to collapse a subgrid when I close its associated parent group?

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please provide us any kind of sample where we can reproduce this issue. You can send example directly to the

It pretty hard to detect all subgrids related to the some group ( not really hard, but requires a lot of code ) so you can simple call
It will collapse all sub-grids|sub-rows in the grid.