collision between the customized light box and dhx calendar

Hi, I have a issue related to lightbox. the light box in one of webpages was customized with the simple look. This customized light box has a two dhtmlxCalendars. when the calendar button is clicked,the calendar popup is shown between the main view and the light box.
how to solve it?
Thanks as usual in advance for your great help.


Please provide link to the page where this issue could be reproduced or create complete sample which we can execute on our side.

I think it’s z-index issue, try increasing it for the calendar (as it should be top-most).

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hi dear,

I customized light box based on the sample located in as follows:

In terms of x-index, which component should be changed? dhtmlxCalendar or the light box?
first of all, please provide a sample code ,if there is working code or sample.

secondly, if there is alternative way that i could use the scheduler built-in calendar, please show me a sample code if possible.

Thank you for your assistant in advance.


I still need the source code to see and reproduce the problem.

You can either increase z-index of dhtmlxCalendar or decrease of lightbox.

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