Collision Events

i have one problem while creating different recurring event in a same day . that all the events are collision with each other . i used the script dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js.
-----> here when i used this JS , i am able to create only two event in that day ,(i.e one Recurring event and another one is normal event ) apart from that no event is creating .

Are you using scheduler 2.2 or scheduler 2.3 ?


In my calendar view left side column is coming all the recurring events with out collision , but the remaining columns are events are colliding .

Here i am attached mt screen short .

If it possible - try to upgrade to version 2.3 ( version is backward compatible ) which fully supports events collisions for recurring events.

Yes , i downloaded the scheduler 2.3 version . and i replace the dhtmlxscheduler.js and dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js . but my issue is not solved

Be sure to replace all js file, including ext/dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js

Can you provide any kind of sample or demo link where problem can be reconstructed ?

yes, i attached my screen-short ,if you see that the first column in my screen-short every recurring event is placed with out collision , but remaining row, or column all are colliding (intercepting )one one another . now i replaced all my js what ever i used in my project

And One more problem ,when i save the recurring events the events are not showing in units view and in day view and yearly view also.
---->And in week the recurring event’s are completely hiding the previously saved recurring event .

It hard to say anything from screen shot, can you provide an actual demo?