collision occurs


Actually i created event “A meeting” in Room 1 at 8.00AM to 10:00AM and in month view able to create another event “B meeting” in Room 1 at 8.00AM to 10:00AM collision occurs.So i need to avoid such things how to do.

thanks … llisions&s[]=scheduler&s[]=collision


To avaoid collision i wrote tis
in index.aspx.

But when i run the project i create 1 entry and block 1 room say room 1 at 8.00 AM-11.00AM and in agenda view i unable to click and make another new entry the collision making not to make new entry on the day in agenda view Why it happens .

I need the person not able to select the same time slot in which the time the booked that particular room.Can any 1 help me.


In agenda view, scheduler doesn’t know about the units, so it just blocks any 2 event which occurs in the same time. The only way to change that logic is through modification of related code.