Collision/overlap threshold

It should be possible to set a collision/overlap threshold via a configuration setting.
This basically lets me set a threshold for when the scheduler should render the event next to an event instead of shadowing/overlapping it.

Currently I’ve coded this in manually quite easily with this code(in dhtmlxscheduler_debug):

var threshold = typeof this.config.overlap_threshold == 'number' ? this.config.overlap_threshold * 60 * 1000 : 0;
			while (stack.length && (stack[stack.length-1].end_date.valueOf()+threshold)<=ev.start_date.valueOf())



in the function named _pre_render_events_line.

I have no idea if this is safe or not in all kinds of views, but it seems to work ok in units and week, and lets me specify a threshold easily like this:

scheduler.config.overlap_threshold = 30; // minutes

A natural evolution of this would be to allow different thresholds in different views. 30 minutes works very good or us in units view, but is a bit spacious in weeks. In weeks cascade probably works better.

Of course this causes a diff between upstream(you) and local(me) implementations, and makes updates harder. It would be nice to see this in the next release as I think it’s a quite useful feature to have for many users.

What do you think?


Thank you for your feedback, it is always welcome.

Do you mean situations where, for example, there are 2 5 minute events next to each other? Right now indeed they would visually overlap and it would be clear.
If it is indeed the problem you are describing than I am more than happy to tell that in the upcoming version there would be scheduler.config.separate_short_events option (true/false) which would do exactly that. If there is enough space to display them as they are right now - good, display. If not - display them in separate columns.

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It’s not necessarily two short events, if only the first one is short, the latter will overlap most of the former event.

IMHO I think my solution is better, because instead of a true/false, the user can select exactly what threshold they prefer. The “optimal” threshold might change from project to project.
Maybe a “config.separate_events_shorter_than = 3 // minutes” type of config would be a sort of middle ground?

That was an example. It will check if events would visually overlap while their dates do not and place them in separate columns.

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Sounds great! However I don’t think the name of the setting I reflecting what it does. Either way I’m happy to see you bring this functionality.

Due April, correct?

Well one of the events have to be short for this to happen :slight_smile:

That’s the plan.

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