Colmun width problem on IE 8


I try to set up this example on my server (IIS) : … basic.html

And I have a problem with column width want I display it on IE 8. In fact, the first column don’t respect the fixed width I set. Instead of display a 300px column, I have a 100px. And when I want to resize the column manuelly with my cursor, all columns size change in the same time…

How can I fix this bug ? For information, it doesn’t exist on Chrome or Firefox…

Thank you.

The probleme seems to be a meta balise :

(force the navigator to take the last version of compatibility)

If we replace this balsie by this one :

It works.

Thanks everybody.


I’m using v2.5 of the TreeGrid and I have the same problem. The application is on the intranet, that’s why internet explorer 8 automatically uses the compatibility mode.

I’m using the meta balise :

The thing is, I can’t remove it or use the balise :

It causes a lot of problem to my website.

Since my company’s licence is expired for dhtmlx, I would like to know if the problem still exists with the new version of the TreeGrid before trying to make my company buy the licence.

Thank you in advance,

If you are providing meta tags which will enable mixed compatibility mode ( nor standard, nor compatibility-quirks mode ) components will continue to fail.

Mostly it can be fixed by adding code like next

<script> if (_isIE) _isIE = true; </script>


<script> if (_isIE) _isIE = 8; </script>

such code overrides ie mode auto-detection.

Thank you VERY much, it’s working ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: