Color column in grid

It is possible to modify dynamically the font and/or the background color of the column according to the column on which the the grid is sorted out (as in joined image)


Unfortunately such feature is not supported.

OK thanks
It’s a pity because it is a very frequent request of the Internet users and not a whim of IT specialist

Nevertheless I was able to find a satisfactory solution by using the method " setColLabel " on event sort

Changing the header value is a way out, if it’s suits you.

The mean age of the users of my web site ( horse breeders of races trotters) is relatively high :slight_smile:
The indicating icon the column and the direction of the sorting are not rather visible thus still!

With " setcolLabel " I was able to modify the size of the font and its color
I would also have liked changing the background of the cell header but I did not manage to find a tag html which works!