Colored labels!

I found in your help file that with the className: parameter you can use CSS to change the “looks” of your form Types.
I would like to change the “looks” of a label. I tried something like this:.Error { font-size:18px; color:#FF0000; } The font size changes correctly, BUT the label does not become red…
If this is somehow possible, can you please show me how to change a label’s color?
Thanks a lot!

There is a validation events: … vents.html
Try to do by analogy

Hi Darya,
thanks for pointing out this demo.
Do you have a demo where you use custom rules?
The standard rules are evoked correctly after calling “save”, but the custom rules seem to be ignored… I even tried to put simply “return false”, but it had no effect…The event does not fire!
Do you have to include a particular file that I don’t know about?
Many thanks again!

Sorry, there is a little mismatch in online version - we will fix it.
See my attached demo.
validate.rar (82.4 KB)

I’m sorry too… :frowning:
I think I did not explain myself well enough…
I need to validate a users input. For this input to be valid, other conditions must be meet in other fields of the form, so I did someting like this:{type: "combo", label: "Test", name: "combo01", validate: "NotEmptyCombo01", value: ""}, .... function NotEmptyCombo01(data){ if((data == null || data == '') && (myForm.getItemValue('xxx') != '' && myForm.getItemValue('yyyy') != '')){ return true; }; return false; }; The function is NEVER called. I also tried to remove the if statement and return only false, but again, the custom rule is completely ignored…
Can you please tell me what I’m missing or doing wrong?
Thanks again!

please disregard my previous post… The reason the event was not happening was that the field was empty…

However, may I ask you if there is a function that I can call to “invalidate” another form item instead of invalidating the item in which the event occured?

Thanks again and sorry for the wrong post…


Please, specify the question.

Hi, sorry about that… indeed I was not clear.
I have a combo that under certain circustances is allowed to remain empty and on other times the combo must contain a value.
If my user does not fill the combo BUT the conditions make it obbligatory, the custom rule assign to the combo is not poccessed.
In other words, only the standard rules get proccessed all the time, while the custom rules are proccessed only when the user changes something…
Could you confirm if this is true?