Colorpicker in Editor

I am using 3.6 pro edition.
I need colorpicker in editor.
I did something like following ,it is worked fine with mozilla firefox ,
but in IE the runCommand moving the cursor to the top of editor i mean to the first place.

What is the problem?
Here is the code:

var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(layoutobj,‘1C’)
var cell = layout.cells(‘a’);
var str = [
{ type:“editor” , name:“form_editor_1”, label:“Editor”, labelWidth:“400”, labelHeight:“21”, inputWidth:“700”, inputHeight:“320”, labelLeft:“15”, labelTop:“15”, inputLeft:“15”, inputTop:“36”, position:“absolute” }
var form_1 = cell.attachForm(str);
var _editor = form_1.getEditor(“form_editor_1”);
var _toolbar = _editor.tb;
_toolbar.addButton(“textColor”, 0, “”, “”, “”);
_toolbar.addButton(“bgColor”, 0, “”, “”, “”);
_toolbar.setItemToolTip(“textColor”, “Text Color”);
_toolbar.setItemToolTip(“bgColor”, “Background Color”);

_toolbar.attachEvent(“onClick”, toolbarClicked);
var myCP1;
var selectedId;
function toolbarClicked(id) {

selectedId = id;
if(id == "bgColor" || id == "textColor"){
	if(myCP1 == undefined){
		myCP1 = new dhtmlXColorPicker("",false,true,false,false);
	if(myCP1 != undefined){;
		id == "bgColor" ? myCP1.setPosition(50,90) : myCP1.setPosition(90,90);

function setColor(color) {
_editor.runCommand(selectedId == “bgColor” ? “BackColor” : “ForeColor”,color);

Support team Please respond !

Unfortunalety our colorpicker is too complex. The changes you’re asking for can be partialy added for IE9 (it have a bit different rendering). You can try contact our sales department by Maybe they will help.