colors of the events in the calendar.


In our application which use the scheduler, users can add groups and then for each group they add events. OK, the groups are actually planes and the events are reservations for a specific plane.
Each plane can has it’s own color, which can be any color, really any color, like this one for example: #A8F4A2. So there can be millions of possible colors.

How can I handle this in the scheduler. I saw that the colors on the events can be set using some css. But for this range of possible colors I don’t think this is suitable.

Can the color be set as a property of the event? Or what would you recommend me to do, so that I display the color of the plane for the reservations it has, in the scheduler?

Thank you,

Try the scheduler 3.0, with it you can define color directly in the data xml as

<event color="#667700" ...

I do not find the scheduler 3.0. The last version that I see is 2.3. I downloaded but it’s not working and I think it’s the same with the one that I had.
In the dhtmlxSuite 3.0, for which I received a mail these days, I don’t see the scheduler.
As you know I use scheduler.parse() to set the data of the calendar. Does the color works in this method as well as in xml?

I found the beta version and it works. That’s great !!!

How can I also set the text color in an event?

You can use

<event color="#667700" textColor="red" ...

Thanks a lot!