Colspan a Header with css doesn't work


I manage to apply CSS class to a header column as expected, but if i try to do a colspan on that header the CSS doesn’t apply anymore. When I inspect the DOM it looks like there is a new div with the colspan, that doesnt have the css class anymore.

Look at this snippet example.

At line 5:
{ width: 150, id: “yearlyChange”, header: [{ text: “Yearly Change”, css: “title” }] },
^ this works as intended

{ width: 150, id: “yearlyChange”, header: [{ text: “Yearly Change”, colspan: 2, css: “title” }] },
^ this doesn’t work

Is this a bug, or am I using it wrong?

I apologize fpr the dealyo with the reply.
Thank you for your report. The porblem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in future updates.

Hello kjelli.

we have fixed your reported problem with the missing css for the colspanned header cells.
Now it should display correctly in the latest dhtmlxSuite build.
Thank you for your report.