Colspan a Header with css doesn't work



I manage to apply CSS class to a header column as expected, but if i try to do a colspan on that header the CSS doesn’t apply anymore. When I inspect the DOM it looks like there is a new div with the colspan, that doesnt have the css class anymore.

Look at this snippet example.

At line 5:
{ width: 150, id: “yearlyChange”, header: [{ text: “Yearly Change”, css: “title” }] },
^ this works as intended

{ width: 150, id: “yearlyChange”, header: [{ text: “Yearly Change”, colspan: 2, css: “title” }] },
^ this doesn’t work

Is this a bug, or am I using it wrong?


I apologize fpr the dealyo with the reply.
Thank you for your report. The porblem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in future updates.