Column configuration

When I use Java with dhtmlxConnector, how do I configuration if a data of column(dhtmlxgrid) does not get from database?

Please provide some more details about the problem.

For example, in java file, the code is below:

grid.render_table("table", "id", "name,age");

in jsp file, the code is below:

myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox'); myGrid.setImagePath("/imgs/"); myGrid.setHeader("name,height,weight,age"); myGrid.init(); myGrid.loadXML("/");

the “height” and “weight” fields are not get from database, I want to set value myself.

You can extend java code ( add beforeRender behavior ) and provide data on the server side.


You can use javascript API ( grid.cells(i,j).setValue(value) ) and set those values from the client side code.