Column defined as dhxcalendar but read-only


I’m have a grid in which i have a column containing date-values. I want this column to sort as a date so I defined it as dhxCalendar:

Grid.setColTypes("ro,ro,dhxCalendar,ro,ro,ro,ro"); Grid.setColSorting("str,str,date,str,str,str,str");

When I click the header then it sorts perfectly according to date. So that solves my sorting problem, but the entire grid needs to be read-only. When a cell in the date column is double-clicked it opens the calendar and you can change the date value.

Is it possible to prevent the calendar from opening? If so could you tell me how?


Never mind, I managed to solve it myself by using a doubleclick event starting an empty function
For those intrested:

function doOnRowDblClicked(rowId) { }

Grid.attachEvent("onRowDblClicked", doOnRowDblClicked);