Column formatting

mygrid.setStyle works fine, and all of the other formatting options I’ve experimented with.

Is there a way to format an entire column?

My grid has one column of Japanese text, the others being ASCII. I would like to have a Japanese font on that column, with an appropriate ASCII font (default) for the others.

The best way to format particular column is to implement custom eXcell type. It will avoid performance issues.
Please find tutorial here … tom_skin&s[]=custom&s[]=skin

Is that the link you intended to provide? That’s about custom skins, not custom excells …

Correct link … l_creation

Also, you can use something like

grid.load(url, function(){ grid.forEachRow(function(id){ grid.setCellTextStyle(id, INDEX, " font-size:12pt; "); }); });

where INDEX - index of column in question

Thanks Stanislav,

I like the simplicity of using the ‘grid.load’ method (or in my case ‘grid.loadXML’).

However, although it changed the cell formatting on the initial load, when paging down subsequent cells in that column were not changed.

Making an Excell is a little more mysterious to me, I’ll devote some time to it next.

Making an excell was not as difficult as I thought, thanks to you and the excellent documentation.

Thank you.