Column Grouping: how to display columns initially collapsed?


We tried to implement “Column Grouping” in our Grid with many columns. We are loading the Grid data via XML, so we have specified “{#collapse}7:Cut&Prep …” in XML header.
This works, but problem is that columns are expanded after loading the XML which we want to avoid to improve performance.

grid.collapseColumns(19); // does not work because Grid is loaded after “loadXML”

Collapsing the columns works only in postProcessing event after Grid is loaded, but then it is too late.

Is there any possibility to describe in XML or to force the Grid prior to “loadXML” to collapse the columns?

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Are you loading grid structure from XML or using grid api?

Hello Olga,

we are loading the Grid data via XML, not via Grid API:



Please open ticket at and provide us complete demo where we can reproduce this issue.