Column pop up buton

Is there an example of adding a column which is a popup link or button? I want to add a column to a grid and on click of it, a small window pops up with a a related grid in it. For example, i have a grid has an account, can have multiple groups. I am using a subgrid for the groups for the account, but I also want to have a second subgrid for the same account, which shows the top 10 stories that the users in this account have read. Since I can’t put 2 sub grids on the same level, I want to add a button column, and when the user clicks the button, a small pop up window appears with a grid of the top 10 stories read. I guess it could be a mouseover also if not clicked.

Would anyone have a sample of how to do this? Thanks

The next sample shows something similar … _grid.html

Interesting…thanks…is there a way to send the id of the row to the popup so that you can display data in the popup related to the row? So instead of using subgrids, you are using these popups?

You can use “onRowSelect” event to chenck when the user clicks on the particular cell and pop up alert with row data:

} … nrowselect

Also you can create custom eXcell type which will be renderd as link or button and will be show pop up when the user click it.
If you need something more than browser’s pop up alert, you can try to use dhtmlxWindow
Please check example here … _init.html
and tutorial here