Column sorting

Hi Guys,

I am currently doing some testing with dhtmlxGrid before we make the decision to purchase the professional version, so far its looking very good. I have several columns in the grid. For examples sake one of them has a column type of ro. On sort the lower case comes before the upper case. See below


I have modified the eXcell_ro getValue method to convert the strings into lowerCase to fix this.

this.getValue = function () {
return this.cell._clearCell ? “” : this.cell.innerHTML.toString().toLowerCase()._dhx_trim()

I was wondering if there is a config setting to do this when initializing the grid rather than inside the custom eXcell method.

Many Thanks

Grid doesn’t have such config. If you need customize sorting behavior of dhtmlxGrid you can:

  1. change getValue() method of the cell … l_creation
  2. create custom sorting function
  3. use “onBeforeSorting” event … oresorting