Column Split Problem

Dear Support Members,

I am using treeGride where I used splitAt function to split the columns.

1. But my problem is that whenever I used the enableMultiline function the the rows horizontal align are mismatched (means when I expand the tree the cells in split columns are goes down but right hand side column cells are stay as it is).

2. And other problem is that when I use the splitAt function and update the tree, image in edited tree cell disappeared and I could not collapse and expand tree.

Both functionality is working well when I remove splitAt function.

Please help me ASAP and find the below code.



    -Failure Mode
     -Failure Mode Cause, Potential Effect(s) of Failure, SEV, OCC, Current Design / Process Control PREVENTION, Current Design / Process Control DETECTION, DET,SOD, Recommended Action(s), Responsibility, Target Completion Date,Action Taken,                Action Results,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan");


    fmeaGrid.attachHeader("#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,#rspan,SEV2, OCC2, DET2, SOD2");





    fmeaGrid.enableEditEvents(true, true, ‘disable’);

    fmeaGrid.enableRowsHover(true, ‘other’)











    fmeaGrid.setSkin(‘light’); // (xp, mt, gray, light, clear, modern)

    fmeaGrid.loadXML(“XML/fmea_tree_gride.jsp?project_id=”+document.getElementById(‘project_id’).value+"&sys_id="+document.getElementById(‘sys_id’).value+"&mydate="+(new Date()).valueOf());

Which version of grid you are using?
The same code works correctly in latest version.

If you are using latest version of TreeGrid and issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed ( you can send such sample directly to )

Same problem with my grids:

Whenever I
- attach Rows with #rspan in the first column
- user filters in the header

splitting the grid doesn’t work any more ;-(

To fix this problem we should know what version of dhtmlxGrid do you use and sample where this issue occurs.