Column title undefined / tasks date empty

I’ve started working on a project using dhtmlx gantt component. My first task was to migrate to a newer lib (v6.3.X => v7.0.0).

It was straightforward and works fine locally. But on the deploy branch (azure) the column does not display dates (undefined instead). Also the tasks dates are undefined:

I have tried different settings for csp:
csp = true - dates undefined
csp = false - broken
default - dates undefined

Locally, if I set csp = true, dates are also undefined

I’m really confused because it works before. Is it possible that can something with regional setting (date format) from the server?

I dug a lot into the library code and looks like the function that format.replace return nothing:

var dateToStr = function (format, utc, gantt) {
    return function (date) {
    ---->format.replace(/%[a-zA-Z]/g, function (a) {
            switch (a) {

I did a little fix (add return) into the library and it works now. I hope you’ll provide a fix soon.

Hello Jonathan,
We are aware of that issue.
The fix will be included in the 7.0.2 version.
If you have the Pro version, you can contact the support team, mention this topic and we’ll send you the build with the fix.

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Thanks for your response. We have found another issue and rollbacked to v6.3.1. I will contact the support team with these bugs.

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