column type dhxCalendarA


I have three questions to the column type dhxCalendarA.

How can I change the language of the months in the displayed calendar? I searched your documentation without success.

The second question is similar, but related to the week start day.

I searched your documentation without success or any hint.
If both answers are negative, can I add a dhtmlxCalendar object to the grid?

I tried your example with the yahoolike skin. But I wasn’t able to change the skin, maybe to SilverLight. In this case the calendar was behind the grid without any css. CSS files from the dhtmlxCalendar package are included.

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You can use “onDhxCalendarCreated” event
//calendar - reference to the dhtmlxCalendar object

Thanks for your response.

But, which column type do I have to specify in the grid?
If I set “dhxCalendarA” I don’t get my configured calendar object and nothing happens with the “onDhxCalendarCreated” event.

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This issue confirmed and will be fixed at the next version of dhtmlxGrid


when comes the new release of dhtmlxGrid? We have the professional license. We maintain a hard project where we change all current components in the front end with your (nice) dhtmlx components. There isn’t enough time to wait for months. I hope it wasn’t a mistake that we haven’t evaluate this feature.

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We plan release new version in a few weeks. If you need fixed file immediately please open ticket at