Column Type With "clist,combo" etc

Thanks for sharing your views contributors. your opinion helped me a lot for product testing insights.

so is there any solution for above issue ?


Bug Description

1 inline editing should be enabled on the grid, there should be one column created with ‘txt’ column type.
2double click on this cell which is having this ‘txt’ column type, to edit this

Expected result

The textarea opens inside the cell and while resizing the browser the textarea position should remain inside the cell with all other events should work on this.
Basically,inline editing should work similarly as “ed” column type for ‘txt’ column type

Actual result
the textarea opens below the cell clicked while resizing the browser size position of textarea gets changed. (please see screenshots)

Other details

The reason being textarea opened below the clicked cell is(“txt” column type), it appends the textarea to the tag of the grid. However, when we edit “ed” column type cell it opens this within the cell, the reason being it appends textarea inside the tag of the dhtmlx’s grid.

We edited some library files and tried to open ‘txt’ column type inside the cell by rendering it the tag of the grid instead of the tag. but the problem was some keypress events stopped working.


Unfortunately the only solution is to close the editor in case of browser scrolling/zooming using the editStop() method