Column Vertical Align Not working

I have a grid attached to cell “a” of a layout. I’m trying to center align column values in grid as below. The vertical alignment has no effect and values are always aligned top. Hortizontal alignment however works fine.


What version of dhtmlx components are you using?


Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same issue.

Try adding style attribute to cell where subgrid is attached. e.g.

please check for correct spellings.

The suggestion is good, except in my case I want to valign=top each and every cell, for each and every row. Cycling through all to set the style would seem to be both inefficient and perhaps visually “disturbing” as the browser repaints the page over and over. Hence my question re: the colVAlign option. It would also be acceptable, and perhaps even better, if there were an XML attribute for the row or cell element that could be included. I looked for one in the documentation but found none.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
mygrid.setColVAlign(“top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top”) works well for us.
If issue still occurs please provide a complete demo.