Column Wise Smart Rendering

I have a datagrid that contains a lot more columns than rows. Can smart rendering do it column wise or better yet allow both row and column smart rendering. Only the data for the viewable window in the scrollable datagrid is needed. Thanks!

Unfortunately there is no such possibility.
Grid oriented on vertical datasets, with moderate number of column and not limited count of rows, its rendering for column-oriented structure if far from perfect ( having more than 100 columns will have bad effects on performance)

Thanks! I understand the item data the row in xml is not indexed, this may be why it is hard to do. I am thinking there maybe ways that we don’t have to change the data structure and yet still make it happen. For example, what if we determine the column range for the viewable area and have the backend php returning rows of data with only items for the column range. Is that something easier to do?

The main performance problem is not data loading but rendering.

It is not a problem to implement protocol which will fetch data by rows and columns ( creating a server side for it may be tricky ) , but it will not give significant speed improvement, because client side grid will render full row in any case. And time consumed by row rendering is mostly related to column count and doesn’t related to the value of columns.

We really need the rendering of only visible columns instead of the total 2000 columns that I have. Could you please put it in the next release?As Olga mentioned, currently with more than 100 columns, the performance became very sluggish. Many others with large number of rows and columns can benefit from this feature. If you think about google map, that is smart rendering done right, whenever you move to the left or right, only the visible panels got the image from ajax call to the server, if it had to render the panels in the entire altitude, it would not be efficient and may take forever.

Without this feature, xhtmlxgrid is unusable to me (therefore we can’t buy a pro license), row wise smart rendering is smart rendering with only half the brain. Smart rendering on both row and column is true smart rendering. Thank you!

I have to second the other customer’s remark about the product being too slow to use for wide datasets and I also ask that the developer pursue a solution to this problem. I have discovered that the performance degrades badly at far less than 100 columns - it’s more like 50 columns, and the number of rows in the grid has an impact on rendering time.

I discovered that when I went live with my product, the volume of data in my application brought the grid to its knees. My system only has 83 columns and 413 rows. Smart-rendering didn’t make a difference. I have noticed that if I cut back to about 40 rows, it works fine.

40 COLUMNS I meant to say

In case of long, multi-column grids, which features of grid you are using.
Loading, scrolling, sorting, resizing - those are default. Are you using data edit operations or such big grids are necessary only for data presentation?

The grid, as it exists now, can’t work with long multi-column tables ( it is based on underlying html structure, which become too slow in case of big column count ), so it hardly possible to optimize it for such use case. But it possible to create a lighter version , from the same codebase, which will not have all features of the grid, but will work much more faster for column-oriented grids.

We only need some basic functions for viewing and not editing at all, as you mentioned, loading, scrolling, sorting (on the server side), resizing of column width is simply good enough. The only other feature that we like to use is the split panel for freezing the first two columns, so that we can always see the row id/name information no matter how we scroll.

Millions of thanks if this can be done, your product is the best out there for data grid, with this tweak, I can see many more customers will be signing on.