Combination in the area chart with different y-Axis

Hi please can you say is it possible what i want ?

I have two chart , on the first chart y-Axis have scale 0-3000, on the second chart Y-axis have scale 0-10, X-axis =const (time) for two chart.

If i draw this chats (line type) on the one area , second chart with scale(0-10) almost near the zero. Can i set different y-Axis scale for my chart’s on the one area so as second chart not will be 0

You can have only one visible y-Axis, but you can scale values
Instead of defining value as


you can define it line next

  value:function(obj){ return obj.sales * 10; },

where 10 is a zoom factor

Is it possible to have two Y axis. One on the left (e.g. from 0 to 1000) and another one on the right (from 0 to 10) for example ?

Then be able to graph based on either ones of the scales ?

Thanks for looking at it.