combine custom and numeric_filter ?

I have custom filter (matches substrings) on one column and built-in #numeric_filter on another. I’m asked to combine filtering, so that grid only shows rows that match both filters. Is it possible?

You can create any custom filter you need using filterBy() method. Please see more information here … grid_fsing

I understand that I can create custom filter. My question though was about built-in #numeric_filter. If I use filterBy() on the column with #numeric_filter it does NOT filter numerically, i.e. operations like < > … do not work. Is there another way to invoke it? And is there a way to make it invoke my custom filter? Thanks!

You can attach in the header your custom filter as plain html input:
customFilteringFunction() - your custom filtering function which will execute filterBy() method.

I am doing something similar, but it’s not working for me because ‘filterBy’ on a column with #numeric_filter does not use the same logic as that filter. In other words, if I put ‘>15’ into the filter, grid correctly shows all rows with number in that column > 15. But if I invoke ‘filterBy’ on that same column with that same ‘>15’ value, grid shows nothing, because filterBy treats value literally, and not as expression. So. Is there a way to use standard built-in functionality of #numeric_filter in combination with a custom filter? So that when custom filter is triggered, it could invoke #numeric_filter on another column, and when #numeric_filter is triggered, it could invoke custom filter?

So. Is there a way to use standard built-in functionality of #numeric_filter in combination with a custom filter
It’s impossible. You can use 2nd filterBy() parameter as a function to create custom numeric_filter:

function someFilter(…){


There is the detailed article about creating custom filters.

Please, take a look … earch.html