Combine two columns in a single at GUI


Is there any way to show two columns in a single cell , and then while serializing sending the values in two different cells. I want to show a check box in the column along with the text.And while serializing the grid it should be in two different cell , one containing the value of check box and other containing text.

Please point me in right directions

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There is no way to achieve such behavior, but you can set custom styles for columns, so it will look as single column, while it will be a two skinned columns
Please check attached sample (89.4 KB)

Hi , thanks this is exactly what I required. The only thing is how can I set the CSS style of a column using the dhtml API. not from xml , I want to add a dummy row when someone click on add button and then he can edit the values. so any way to provide css style for a column

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You can't set cell styles for whole column, but you can set it for necessary cell as
    grid.setCellTextStyle(rowID,column_index," any css string here").

or assign css class as