combining layouts, windows and a tabbar


I’m developping a bit of a complex application:

A layout (1C) is attached to the body of the page.
In this layout there is a tabbar with 2 tabs attached.
In each tab there is a layout (4T) and each a-cell contains another (3W) layout. (This to create a 2 by 3 cell layout per tab)
All the open cells of the layouts contain grids, some with a toolbar.

There are buttons in the toolbars which should open a dhtmlxwindow as a popup-dialog (to enter some remarks about the item selected in the grid). All functions well except for 1 thing.

The popup-dhtmlxwindow opens in the top left corner and acts like it is sticked. Half of the window header remains white, the rest of it takes on the sky-blue color. This is in IE8

In Firefox the window seems to appear behind the tabbar (and layouts in the tabs) and there is no way to get the window to the front.

Do you have any idea what might be wrong? I could provide code, but as you can see from the description it would be somewhat long.


Make sure that all necessary css files are included. The minimum window zIndex is 50. You may try to increase it. But probably it is not the reason:

dhxWins.zIndexStep = 100; /before a window created/

Also you may try the latest version of the components.

Please provide the complere demo if the problem persists.

It has all the CSS files and I already tried to set the z-index higher.
I’ll make up a simpler version of the setup (without all the data manapilutions and data retrieval) in an html file and I’ll send that once it’s ready. (I tried it in both 2.5 and 2.6 licensed edition)