Combo 1 enables Combo 2 - but outer div still says disabled

I have a form, which loads it’s content from a json file - has two combos (among others)… combo1 is enabled, combo2 is disabled.

combo.attachEvent(“onChange”, function(value) {});

has code that is value!=“” then combo2.enable else combo2.disable.

Combo2 “input” becomes enabled, but the label is still gray… so, do I need to call something else to enable it?

window1.forms[tmp.counter].getCombo(lastItem).attachEvent("onChange", function(value) { window1 = WinMgr1.getTopmostWindow(true); // OZZ if (window1.linkedCombos[name]!="") { window1.linkedCombos[name].clearAll(); window1.linkedCombos[name].setComboValue(null); window1.linkedCombos[name].setComboText(""); if (value!="") { window1.linkedCombos[name].enable(); } else { window1.linkedCombos[name].disable(); } } });

I traced all of the above code - everything it working flawlessly. linkedCombox[name] is the correct instance of WinMgr1.getTopmostWindow(true)'s getCombo(by_name). but maybe getCombo(by_name) is too low, and I should be doing get Something else to enable it???

Thanks for any assistance!

PS. Ignore what looks like a blue-pin in place of the dropdown - these are dxhtmlxCombo’s - just the ones that do real-time filter, I have trumped the drop down with a different U/I.

As you use compbe in form, you need to disable/enable form item, not combo itself.
I.e. use


instead of

combo = myForm.getCombo(itemName); combo.enable()

That did the trick! Now, I have to implement onBlur as OnChange only fires when typing not when backspacing (probably due to cache==true). But, thanks!

You are welcome!