Combo: Allow entry not in list


In past versions of DHX, the combo box had the ability to accept entries that were not in its data list. In DHX 6+, it seems like the input box is nothing more than a filter for the data list, and does not retain the data typed into it. I want to present my users with a list of options, but allow them to type in their own value if it’s not one of those options. Is there a way to enable this?


You may “auto create” a new option for the entered text that is not in the combo optionsa list.
Just try to use something like:"Input", function(value) {
});"BeforeClose", function () {
   if (!combobox.getValue()) {
      const uId = "u" + Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000){ "value": inp_val, "id": uId })
      dhx.awaitRedraw().then(function () {