Combo AutoComplete in IE9 does not work in normal mode.

Compatibility mode works, but the normal mode does not work. Other browsers such as Chrome work fine.

Any suggestions getting IE9 working in regular mode too?

Please, make a complete demo and attach it to reproduce your issue. … leted_demo

Here is the demo file.

Because I am using PHP and MySQL to search the database it is a little harder to attached the complete database, however, you will notice with this demo that it works fine in compatibility view and Chrome, so there are no issues with the PHP MySQL in my opinion.

However, running in IE9 normal mode it no longer works. I tested it on multiple computers and it repoduces every time so it never fails in compatibility mode and always fails in normal mode.

I assume you can see the source and all the files I put in the Codebase folder but if not please let me know.

The table being searched contains street addresses so please start your search in the box with a number such as 1,2,3, etc…

OK, I started using your original code and it is working now again. I am not sure what I did to break it only in IE9 normal mode. I believe I just changed the font size and the size of the Combobox to make it a little larger to match the Google search size font and box, but apparently IE9 did not like the change.