Combo box column, sort by TITLE (not value)

I have a grid in which a column is a CORO type with its values being loaded from remote JSON file.

After loading I do the following to set the TITLES of the cells and the labels of the combos:

var current_values = new Object();
var combo_column_index = 5;
var grid = this;

$.each(grid.getAllRowIds(",").split(","), function(key, value){
current_values[value] = grid.cells(value, combo_column_index).getValue();
grid.cells(value, combo_column_index).setValue("");

var grid_combo = grid.getCombo(combo_column_index);

$.each(values, function(key, value){
if(value[“value”] !== undefined && value[“label”] !== undefined){
grid_combo.put(value[“value”], value[“label”]);
grid_combo.put(value[Object.keys(value)[0]], value[Object.keys(value)[1]]);

$.each(grid.getAllRowIds(",").split(","), function(key, value){
grid.cells(value, combo_column_index).setValue(current_values[value]);

It works great, but the problem is that if I sort the column it will sort using the underlying VALUE of the cell, instead of the TITLE/LABEL.

How can I set the column sorting to use the TITLE instead of the VALUE for this column?

Thank you for your post.
The problem is confirmed and will be fixed in the next dhtmlxGrid update.