Combo box filter, in grid.

Hi all,

I am using combo box as a filter in grid.

Lets say I enable smart rendering and only load first 50 rows and I have 1000.
If I scroll all the way down to the page the combo box filter works fine, by scrolling means I loaded them all.

However if I just loaded the first 50 and the rest are hidden when I type into the combox for the filter I get the following issue.

TypeError: this._get_cell_value(…) is null

Any ideas ?

In case of using the dynamic loading in your grid you need to implement the server-side filtering.
Here you can find a tutorial: … otheserver

Ok I got rid of the dynamic loading and I load by smart rendering.

Getting this issue TypeError: this._get_cell_value(…) is null

Please be sure that you are loading all data at once.

( xml doesn’t have total_count defined, or it has total_count but all those rows are loaded during initial data loading )