Combo box in dhtmlxTreeGrid

Hi ,

I am using dhtmlxTreeGrid where one column type is co. In this column, I want to show dropdown to user like below

var occ = fmeaGrid.getCombo(3);


occ.put(“7”,“7-Loss of primary function”);

occ.put(“5”,“5-Reduced level of performance”);

occ.put(“3”,“3-Minor(Fit, Finish,Squeak,Rattle)”);

occ.put(“1”,“1-Not noticeable”);

but whenever user select the value from dropdown I want show only number in cell.

For Ex.

if user select 9-Hazardous then cell will be fill by 9.


Unfortunately it is not possibel, combo will always use label when rendered in grid.
The only way to achive desired functionality - creating of custom excell, with custom logic of data showing