combo box issue

Hi all,

There is a weird behaviour regarding the combobox here.
I am using json to bind to the grid combo (screenshot)
I bind when it is in the oneditcell method.

function doOnEditCell(stage, id, index) {
if (myLCSCgrid.getColType(index) == “combo”) {

                combo = myLCSCgrid.cells(id, index).getCellCombo();
                if (index >= 2) {
                    if ((index - 2) % 4 == 0) {


                        combo.attachEvent("onChange", function (value, text) {
                           myLCSCgrid.cells(id, index + 2).setValue("");
                            var cboSkill = myLCSCgrid.cells(id, index + 2).getCellCombo();
                            cboSkill.load("RTHandler.ashx/?type=cboSkill&loc=" + combo.getSelectedValue());

myLCSCgrid.cells(id, index + 3).setValue(“”);
var cboCCenter = myLCSCgrid.cells(id, index + 3).getCellCombo();
cboCCenter.load(“RTHandler.ashx/?type=cboCCenter&loc=” + combo.getSelectedValue());



return true;

I do like this to clear the text when I select the first drop down. However, I try to double click to make the drop down appear, suddenly the selection drop down disappear, I need to reselect the drop down arrow to make it appear.
And some more how can I check whether the value got change or not, because even I select back the same value, the onchange event still trigger, how to stop it when select the same value before double click edit?

Please, try not to populate your combos from the onChange event of the current editing combo.
You may try to use the “stage==2” of the onEditCell.
new and old values can also be checked onthe second stage of the onEditCell event: … event.html