Combo Box + jQuery plugin: Fails


i have tried the following: a 3W-Layout. In Cell A i have placed an accordion.
Accordion content have been assigned via iframe.

In one page (used by the accordion widget) i want to implement a jquery plugin: flip
( When using a grouped Combo-Box in one of the div to be flipped, the
follwing error occurs: instead having one combobox i will have three combo boxes in the
div container (Allways the same). When selecting one value, i will get the second of the grouped combo boxes but outside the original div container. Functionally ok without errors, but
not usable from a users perspective. Other components doesn’t fails. The tree for example
can be flipped without problem.

Be happy, if one of the guys of development, may have closer look at this.

Best regards, Stefan


if groups functionality doesn’t suite for some reason, you may use separate combos and set onChange event handlers for them.