combo column in grid

how can I set enablefilteringmode = true in a combo column of a grid by javascript ? there is only information about xml.

I have v.2.6 Professional edition build 100722

Thanks in advance.

You can get combo object with following code:

var combo=grid.getColumnCombo(column_index);

No you can use any dhtmlxCombo API with combo variable.

Thanks for the answer.

Now, I have this:

combo = grid.getColumnCombo(0);
aArray = [['1', 'Option1'],['2', 'Option2']];


But list of options is not displayed. What can be wrong ?

Thanks in advance…

In case of “combo” excell type combo will be instance of dhtmlxCombo. You may use all available dhtmlxCombo API with this varialble. Please check tutorial here … ll_combo&s[]=combo